Callum & Elly – Haselbury Mill

Wedding Photographer Haselbury Mill

Well a big congratulations to a lovely couple.  The Vicar suggested in his address that they were ‘sensible’ which from a sensible person back might say that’s not a bad thing!

The Vicar also alluded to the fact that Callum & Elly met at School when the teacher in Biology wanted the children to sit boy girl boy girl and they were told to sit next to each other …………..

Years later they are getting Married!!  How wonderful is that.

I went over to the Church first of all to photograph the flowers, as Elly’s Mum ‘the florist’ had been preparing these.  I thought they were perfect, really liked the old style buckets.

Off to the house for the preparation photographs next – some serious cheese rolls were being made in the kitchen and very relaxed Bridesmaids enjoying them all.  When all the Bridesmaids were all together they went off to get ready and Mum & Elly went to pop the dress on!

We were very much on schedule and so had time for a couple of photos outside in their wonderful garden before I went off to the Fox and Hounds Inn………. I mean Church to see the boys.

Callum looked like he had been picking up stones and storing them as his pockets were bulging.  I asked him to remove ‘the bulge’ and he handed me over the keys to a DB9!!!

At this point I should have just driven off……..  But I stayed because I’m sensible – damn

During the service when the vicar asked the Best Man for the rings there was a slight cufffuffel  up front, he I’m pleased to say pretended to have lost the rings, however from my view point at the back of Church it defiantly sounded like the Best Man dropped one of the Wedding bands on the floor as you heard a ding ding dink.

After the service all 150 guests went outside for a great confetti shot before we left to go to Haselbury Mill.

The forecast was for patchy rain so I had to keep an eye on things above. I decided to get the tricky everybody shot done as soon as possible as I didn’t want to get beaten by the weather.

Due to the weather Elly and Callum circulated around inside but to be honest the atmosphere in the Barn was buzzing and you could hear all the family and friends getting on so well.  I had a great view from above and happily watched all the comings and goings like a Parisian enjoying a coffee in a cafe overlooking the busy streets.

After the meal and speeches Callum & Elly had arranged a folk band to play for an hour before their first dance.

It was all such a joyous day and I suspect when I left the fun and dancing continued all night.

Many congratulations – here is your wedding in 60 photographs…….