So this is me - Andrew. Husband to Rosie and Dad to three Mini-Millards, living the south-coast life in sunny Bournemouth, Dorset.

I'm now in my 17th year of being/running/owning 'Millard Photography', mostly shooting Weddings, but also covering events and commercial commissions.



When it comes to Weddings, I really feel the privilege of being invited to be part of something so special, being given the responsibility to capture the anticipation, excitement, atmosphere, intimacy, fun, joy, love, laughter, friendship and celebration of two people. And then, having the opportunity to re-tell that very personal story through photographs. A true success is when these moments captured will bubble-up the exact emotions and memories each time they are looked at .... best, job, ever ....


As a wedding photographer - Summer holidays don't often happen for me..
So it's fortunate that my family all enjoy the cold winter for snow fun. I love snowboarding!
I am also enjoying my new found Sea fun - paddle boarding - haven't yet ventured into Kite surfing but would certainly love to give it a go!

This may also be a strange concept but I do still love photography as a hobby - it's never become a 'job' Therefore even on my days off I often wonder around with a camera. I love full-moon-rise (If I get lucky!) and always look out for a bit of wildlife.

As a photographer I often get questions on the type of kit I carry - what lens should I get etc etc.

Over the years I have continually upgraded my kit to ensure I can cover almost all circumstances with fast lenses, lighting equipment and of course cameras.


You yourselves may have that good question relating to wedding photography ...Such as "Do the cameras you use have dual card slots?" and "Are our wedding photographs backed-up?"

If you have any more of these queries click over to the Good Questions page




Thanks! I'll be in touch soon ... keep an eye out (or an ear if you've given your phone number) for my response! Sorry - not sure what's happened there! Please try again, or drop me a line on 07739 644451.