I’m sure you have lots of questions…..

Well we all have them !
When you begin looking for a wedding photographer you may or may not know what questions to ask to give you confidence in your decision making process.
Photography style – the editing / equipment / how to spot experience


I continually upgrade my kit to ensure I use the latest technology. But I also ensure I have a spare… Which has been useful over the years – only on occasion but still good to know it’s there!

Storage of our photos!

All the cameras have dual card slots during your wedding day. At home I then save your precious images onto 3 external hard-drives.

Group Photographs / requested shots
My style is documentary and free flowing however every wedding couple has a number of required group photographs

Before or shortly after booking I would love to have a consultation with you to run through your day, your timings and to cover off your photography list….

There are 5 main groups at a wedding – it is your choice how many group shots and sub groups you have – however too may can ‘overtake’ your day – so feel free to ask for help to refine your list….
1) Everyone
2) Family
3) Family
4) Bridesmaids / Groomsmen
5) Friends
You can split these groups above into sub-groups too to ensure you get the right balance.


I have all the required paperwork if your venue needs it. Simply ask for the latest copy and I’ll email it over

Back up photographer – Obviously no one wants a key member of your wedding guest list or supplier to not be there.. In all the years I am thankful to say I have never needed a back-up….
However, like any good business I have in place a number of photographers in the area who have agreed to help out each other if ever the need arrises.

How can I book? – I take a £400 non-refundable deposit to hold your date. On confirmation of receipt I will send out your filled in paperwork and receipt for your records.

Do I only cover local areas? – The majority of my bookings come as recommendations so there tends to be a high percentage of bookings within Dorset and Hampshire – however some recommendations end up further afield – over the years I have covered Chester, Lake District, Manchester, Leeds, a beautiful village in Kent, Bath, Ibiza and Sorrento.
In terms of travel costs I can provide a quote for your wedding depending on requirements.

How long before I get the photographs? – Always within 4 weeks.
However one option you have in the packages is to get a sneak peak within 48 hours – some cases people need their photographs back super quickly – again this is a package upgrade available.