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Creative Wedding Photographer with an eye for telling your story with

Hello! A big thanks for visiting Millard Photography! I live in Bournemouth Dorset and cover Weddings across the UK.  My Clients have taken me to some stunning venues including The Lake District, Liverpool, Manchester, Northumbria, Kent and the stunning Hampshire and Dorset. Destination weddings are also available.  I have already been to Ibiza and Sorrento, Italy.

Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember and for the last 12 years I have a full time professional photographer.

I take an unobtrusive approach to photographing your wedding day. I’m not interested in “taking over,” I blend in and document the day spontaneously. I want to capture the cheeky kiss, cuddle, laugh, cry.  My  photographs come with a story, a meaning, real sentiment and love.  Magic, romantic moments happen and are created with you and your guests – my job is not to miss them!

Creativity is key for me and this is spurned from you, your invited guests, your venue choice.  I treat each wedding as a unique your set of photographs are yours, special one-off. They are not a copy of someone else’s wedding day. They will tell the story of your day  – in detail.  I capture your guests as much as you, I believe that in order to show your beautiful story your friends and family are key.

Please use the email contact form or feel free to contact me on 07739 644451