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Stephan & Lucia

Lots of LOVE in the air – and a big LOVE too!

Congratulations to the wonderful Lucia and Stephan.  I first met them at the Parley Open Weekend after being facebook stalked by the (at the time) mysterious Lucia.  Lucia was ‘liking’ lots of my post and photos  and I just couldn’t work out who she was!  I was delighted to finally meet her and Stephan – shortly after they booked me.

On the morning of their wedding I headed off to Langtry Manor for the preparations.  Lucia had been overrun with Bridesmaids and her Mum and so the room they had was a touch small for everything that was going on. I asked the front desk if it would be possible to use another room for ‘dressing’.  They very kindly obliged and we ended up in the Kings Room. Thank you Langtry Manor!

Bridesmaid ‘hair’ was on hair and the supporting bridesmaids were dedicated in the job of holding pins and ‘stuff’ in assistance.  It was a military operation that ran like clock work.  So much so the girls were all ready and downstairs at the bar before they left!

At Parley there was big LOVE (In a sign form) as the guests congregated on the lawns for the ceremony.  Lucia just held it although her eyes filled when she walked into the Garden Room (or panic room as I have christened it!) seeing everyone ready to go. The ceremony marquee was packed and when Lucia walked through the flower arch all eyes were on her.  I thought Stephan was going to loose it too just before Lucia walked down the Aisle but he held his calm and composure.

A rolling black cloud came across the garden after the ceremony so I decided not to wait too much and took a group shot of everyone.  Seconds later the skies cleared and we were stood under a glorious blue sky! Typical!!

The Marquee looked stunning and the guests were treated to a beautiful decorated room. (I’ll let the photographs explain!

After the speeches we snuck off for a few photos and it also gave Stephan & Lucia a bit of time to themselves before the evening guests arrived.

A lovely first dance before a floor filler of a second song.  I left the wedding knowing a party night was to be had by all.

Many congratulations – here is your wedding in 60…………..

Parley Manor

Langtry Manor

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