For me this is the most important page on the site.  The Gallery images I have chosen is a tiny selection of 16 years work!

It’s impossible to sum up everything in a few shots, so I’ve decided to add a bit of text!

My goal is to capture your Wedding Day without it being the “Millard Photography Show!’

Quite often I speak to Customers who have been to Weddings of their friends and the photographer ‘took over’.  When this happens your Day becomes more like a photo shoot than a Wedding.

I will personally guide and assist you in capturing the requested Group Shots and elements of your day where you will need a little help.  I will also make sure the locations of those shots are chosen wisely.  I will also arrange a few shots of the two of you in keeping with your theme …… but that’s it – I won’t be taking you away from everyone for a ridiculous amount of time.

I try and blend in as much as possible so when you look at your photographs from your day you will remember all those little moments you had – and its these I’m after capturing the most.  If you have a cheeky kiss, cuddle, cry, laugh it has to be caught by me naturally not staged.  If you see an over staged shot, yeah it might look really nice but it has no emotion, sentiment or meaning from your Wedding day.

That’s where you come in. Yes this is a team effort and you will be very much part of it.  I am after couples who are natural, comfortable, fun and willing to politely ignore me during the day rather than stopping and photo smiling at the camera!  …….. I want you to be in the moment.

For people who are a little nervous of the thought of the photography element that’s fine.  I’ll help you out on the day or we can have an engagement shoot or pre wedding shoot so you can get comfortable.

So here we go a minute selection from a few weddings….