Emile & Sarah – Ibiza

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Emile & Sarah

Wow, what an amazing wedding that was!!

I flew out from Bournemouth to Ibiza the day before the wedding and was greeted with a beautifully warm arrival.

That evening I met up with Sarah, Emile & the families to run through the day and a to do bit of venue scouting!

The Wedding wasn’t until 5pm so the morning was spent ‘acclimatising’ with a bit of pool action, before I headed off mid-afternoon to the Villa, named ‘Casa Willy’…. I am assuming so-called because of the very prominent statue of David on the terrace (rather than anything else!!).


The girls were busy mixing hair, make-up and a bit of Marryoke all together and they were certainly getting very involved!

The stunning Ian Stuart dress (which incidentally I think may have accumulated more air miles than I have in the last 5 years!) was hidden in the back so Dad couldn’t take a sneaky peak, but I couldn’t leave it there so I managed to bring it out and used the Villa to take a few shots. Meanwhile, Dad tucked into a few pages of his Michael Connelly book. Everyone was happy!

I went off to catch up with the boys at St Vincente Catholic Church; they were very well behaved considering they were in Ibiza and it was mid afternoon – all dressed sharply, sober and very much looking forward to the ceremony.

The calm and quietness soon passed as the guests arrived en mass, and very quickly Emile was whisked inside as Sarah and her Dad flew up the hill in their car.

The service was thankfully in English (must try harder at languages!) and I was able to sneak in and out of doorways and up to the balcony for all the best angles. Lovely service, and a lovely message from the Priest for the newly weds!


Afterwards mini champagne bottles were handed out to the guests to enjoy whilst everyone had time to congratulate the happy couple. A few shots and a confetti / bubble moment later, everyone left heading to the stunning villa.


Emile, Sarah and I went past the Villa to the hill-top for a few photographs and then back to the Villa were everyone cheered them on arrival.

The ‘party’ began both with singers and two, yes TWO DJ’s, brilliant speeches, wonderful food and a great celebratory atmosphere of fun, family and friends.


Thank you so much for choosing me as your Ibiza wedding photographer – I loved it! Huge Congratulations to you both!

Emile & Sarah here is your wedding day in 60 photographs…………….


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