Kingston Country Courtyard

Kingston Country Courtyard

Congratulations to Matt & Samantha who married at St James, Kingston in the Purbecks.  We had a beautiful day of sunshine ahead of us – so much so I plastered myself with some factor 15 to make sure the cry of “Wedding Photographer down” wasn’t used.

I went via Corfe Castle in the morning and it was looking near perfect, so I stopped for a quick photo!

Awkwardly when I arrived at Kingston Country Courtyard, I followed the Best Man and a group of his friends thinking I was heading up to the balcony area, only to find myself in their bedroom!  I left quickly.

Friends and family were also staying over at Kingston Country Courtyard so we had to quickly smuggle the ‘dress’ in between rooms so no one could get a glimpse.  At the Church people were gathering together and there were lots of man hugs for Matt.

The ceremony started and all I could see were the two bridesmaids – arrrgghhhh – I had to discretely ask them to move as the Vicar hadn’t offered them the chance to be seated before the Marriage Ceremony.  Fortunately they were able to find a seat and then everyone (the congregation and me!) could see Matt and Sam saying their vows.
Afterwards the driver of the wedding car drove into a field – on purpose – another quick photo opportunity!

Speeches and first dance quickly came round, I was caught re-telling the best man’s sports day story a few days later to my friends, as it was so funny……….

What a marvellous day!

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