Christchurch Harbour Hotel

Christchurch Harbour Hotel

Wedding Photographer Christchurch Harbour Hotel

Scotland came down for a sunny Autumn visit!

Congratulations to Ian & Laura who’s Wedding I had the pleasure of photographing in Christchurch Dorset.

The plan was to take a few shots of Ian and his Best Man before finding the girls who were getting ready at The Christchurch Hotel.  When I did get to the girlies all hair and makeup was pretty much done, only a few final lipstick applications left!  One of the Bridesmaids kindly held back the bedroom curtains so I could get the natural light onto Laura’s stunning dress (thanks again!)  whilst Mum was trying to not be photographed in her slippers!!

The light in the bedroom was a touch tricky but it gave me a few great opportunities as it quickly dropped off as you moved away from the window.  Love the shot of Laura silhouetted.

Ian who had remained jovial throughout greeting his guests finally fell silent as the doors opened and the Bridesmaids walked down the Aisle.  Then in came Laura truly stunning and beaming with joy – as soon as Ian saw her his smile returned instantaneously.  The ceremony was conducted with a touch of humour and the two readings both fit perfectly before the registrar announced that they were husband and wife.

Outside their guests were waiting with confetti bubbles whilst other guests were arriving from Wales.

It was a touch winding down by the harbour and a mega gust of wind took Laura’s veil straight off – I was mortified!  It landed in the harbour and a kind gent jumped down and retrieved it for us.  Ian changed the situation in his natural happy self and off we went again.

A few hours later we returned to the same point for some sunset shots – which made up for the earlier incidence as it was just perfect.  As for the Best Man and his abilities in holding my off camera flash – thanks buddy! Take a bow

I left them on the dance floor having a great time – beautiful day  thanks for letting me capture it!!


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