Matthew & Laura – engagement shoot

Poole – engagement shoot

Matthew & Laura are marrying in the spring of 2016 and when we met up they were pretty keen on an engagement shoot to perfect there free flowing feel to their wedding photography.

After our meeting up I was pretty confident I knew what they were after, but an engagement shoot can really help as it can narrow down how they want to be on the wedding day, plus also it can begin to relax you both and therefore be more natural when someone (me!) is photographing you.

We met on the outskirts of Poole and had a nice stroll around and area they both like to take a walk around.  As the shoot was done in October we had some low sun light and it gave me some good long shadows and contrast in shadows.

As seems to be normal on these photo shoots I end up in a place that looks good but inevitably causes me physical pain either getting in or out – this time the thistles in the shrub-land caused me some discomfort trying to get a shoot along a fallen tree much to the amusement of Laura (thanks!)

Hope you like the photographs – there wedding will be up in Spring 2016 so watch out all!